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Support for LTL in the Transfix Shipper App
Support for LTL in the Transfix Shipper App
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Transfix is excited to offer support for Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipments through our innovative Shipper App. We have partnered with Rocket Shipping, a leading provider in the logistics industry, to manage all aspects of LTL shipments. Our partnership ensures that our customers receive seamless service and support for their LTL shipping needs.

How LTL Shipments are Managed

Rocket Shipping is responsible for the comprehensive management of LTL shipments. This includes:

  • Rates: Providing competitive and transparent pricing for all LTL shipments in the Shipper App powered by Rocket Shipping integration

  • Shipment Status: Offering real-time updates on the progress of your shipments

    • Shipment statuses and associated messages visible in the Shipper App powered by Rocket Shipping integration

  • Carrier Communications: Facilitating all communication between you and the carrier to ensure smooth operations

    • Managing direct communications via email

  • Billing and Invoicing: Handling all aspects of billing and invoicing for LTL shipments

  • Claims Management: Assisting with any claims related to LTL shipments, ensuring a swift resolution, managed via email communication outside of the Shipper App

Support Services

While Rocket Shipping manages the specifics of LTL shipments, Transfix Support is available to assist with any inquiries or issues related to the Shipper App. For any concerns directly associated with LTL shipments, such as rates, status updates, or claims, these will be directed to Rocket Shipping for resolution. To streamline the process, all communications and requests regarding LTL shipments should be sent to Our dedicated teams will ensure that your queries are addressed promptly and directed to the appropriate party for resolution.

We are committed to providing high-quality service and will respond as swiftly as possible to assist and resolve any issues you may encounter.

For more detailed information on the terms of service, please refer to Rocket Shipping's Full Terms of Service [pending link from Rocket].

Billing Information for LTL Shipments

For all LTL shipments, shippers should expect to receive invoices directly from Rocket Shipping. We work closely with Rocket to ensure that the accounting and billing process is smooth and straightforward. All billing and accounting arrangements will be established during the shipper onboarding process, enabling direct work with Rocket Shipping for any billing inquiries or issues.

Our goal is to ensure that your experience with LTL shipments through the Shipper App is seamless and supported by the expertise of both Transfix and our trusted partner, Rocket Shipping.


When running LTL shipments in the Shipper App, you agree and acknowledge that you understand all less than truckload ("LTL") shipments moved using Transfix Shipper App you are selecting the shipment to be managed by Rocket Shipping. Transfix disclaims and any all liabilities, including but not limited to; claims, suits, damages ("Claims") arising out of or related to the LTL shipments. You agree that any Claims arising out of or related to your LTL shipment will be between you and Rocket Shipping.

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