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How to Confirm an Appointment via Transfix's Email Requests
How to Confirm an Appointment via Transfix's Email Requests

A quick guide on how to utilize Transfix's auto-scheduling emails to save yourself time and receive an instant confirmation email

Written by Bridgit Ryan
Updated over a week ago

If you receive an email like the below from Transfix to schedule a pickup or delivery appointment you can quickly and easily confirm your appointment directly in the email!

Save yourself from having to type out an email reply.

Follow these quick steps to confirm your appointment:

  1. Check the various reference numbers in the email to determine what shipment is being scheduled

  2. Click the time you would like to schedule the appointment for

  3. Add any additional information the driver may need (appointment #, confirmation #, etc.) on the next page

  4. Click submit

You will receive a confirmation email shortly after clicking submit.

If you need to make any changes to your appointment you should reply all to the confirmation email and the team will assist you.

If none of the times work you should reply all to the original email with the preferred date & time and our team will follow up directly.

Contact if you have any questions or feedback.

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