Loading your Data into the Transfix Shipper App

Entering your information to get started tendering shipments

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Hello and welcome to the Transfix Shipper App!

For any assistance, please reach out to your support team, Morgan Williams and Nina Zegelbone at shipper-support@transfix.io. We will return your email ASAP.

This guide covers entering your information into the Shipper App so that you can get started tendering shipments. **If you have submitted a spreadsheet for us to enter this information for you, please feel free to skip this article and move on to Introduction to the Features of the Transfix Shipper App. If you have not submitted a spreadsheet, and would like to do so, please let us know at shipper-support@transfix.io.

This is an initial bulk data entry, but you can continue to add and edit carriers, users, facilities and contacts anytime.

Entering Your Data

Carrier Network: Please add all carriers you tender your shipments to.

  • From your main menu, click on the Carrier Network page.

  • To add a new carrier, click “Add Carrier” in the top right corner.

  • Enter your carrier’s information: Carrier Name, DOT number, MC number (optional) and SCAC (optional), as well as any contact information for that carrier. The email(s) you enter into “Contacts” will be the email(s) your tenders will send to.

  • Click Add to save.

Facilities: Please enter any facilities that your shipments pick up from or deliver to.

  • Navigate to the “Facilities” page

  • Click “Add Facilities” in the top right hand corner.

  • Enter your facility information: address, contacts, scheduling information and any special instructions for carriers.

  • Click “Add Facility” to save.

Creating your Routing Guide: Enter any lanes you have contract carriers and contract rates on.

  • Navigate to the Lanes page on the main menu

  • To add a new lane, click “Add Lane” in the top right corne

  • Enter the origin city, destination city, equipment type and loading method then scroll down…

  • Click “+ Add Primary Carrier to your Routing Guide” to add a new carrier and enter the carrier's name (you will have had to add the carrier to your carrier network first), their contract rate for that lane, the rate type and the effective date and expiration date (if applicable).

    1. Add your carriers in the order of preference: enter your first choice for the lane, then second, then third, etc.

  • You can also add Backup Carriers for the lane, these carriers will not show up when you’re tendering a shipment by routing guide, but you can auction shipments to them, or move them to primary at another time.

  • Click Add Lane to save

Adding New Users

Add any other members of your team who need access to the Shipper App.

  • Navigate to the “Users” page on the Shipper App.

  • Click “Add User” in the top right corner

  • Add their information

  • They will receive an email where they can set their password and then log in

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact shipper-support@transfix.io and we’ll be happy to assist!

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