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Freight Audit: Managing Invoices in Your Shipper App
Freight Audit: Managing Invoices in Your Shipper App

How to manage your invoiced shipments and dispute accessorials

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The Freight Audit function lets you easily communicate with your carriers to accept invoices via the Transfix Shipper App and dispute them when necessary. Here's how it works:

Once a shipment is delivered and the carrier uploads their POD, they'll automatically be prompted to confirm the amount of their invoice or add any last-minute accessorials. This will move your shipment from the Delivered column to the Action Needed column on the Shipments page.

Click on the shipment and go to the Activity tab. If the carrier has added any accessorials you'll see them noted in the Invoice Total on the right, as well as on the actual invoice in the Documents tab. If you have questions about any line items, you can Message the Carrier at the bottom of the screen.

From here, you can also choose to Dispute or Accept the invoice. If you click on Dispute you'll have the opportunity to Edit or Remove an accessorial that was added on by the carrier, and you'll be prompted for an explanation for why you're disputing the invoice.

This will generate another email to the carrier and the shipment will be moved to the Outstanding Invoice column on the Shipments page.

Once you've resolved any issues with the carrier, click Accept in the upper right corner (you'll still have a chance to review before you click on Accept Invoice to finalize it).

When your shipment is in the Outstanding Invoice column, you also have the option to approve the invoice without having to wait for the carrier. Just click on Manually Review Invoice in the upper right.

This will give you the option to proactively include Accessorials, by clicking Add and filling in any necessary documentation. Click on Add to Invoice when finished.

You also have the option to Edit or Remove any accessorials on the invoice, whether they were added by you or the carrier (including accessorials that were added during the creation of the shipment). When you're ready to proceed, click on Confirm Invoice in the lower right; you'll still have a chance to review before clicking on Confirm Invoice again.

Once a shipment has been Approved or Manually Reviewed and Confirmed, it will be moved to the Ready to Pay column on the Shipments page.

To update a shipment as paid, you can click on the "..." to right of the shipment and either Export to CSV for your records or Mark as Completed.

If you'd like to process multiple shipments at the same time, just select them and click on Export at the lower right of your screen.

Your shipment will now be moved to the Archived column and no further changes will be able to be made to the shipment or invoice.

If you have any questions or concerns you can always reach out to us at and we'll be happy to assist!

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